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    News - New Release - May 5th 2002

    The second release of ALF, version 0.9.1 has been made and source and binaries are available. This includes bug fixes and improved exception logging. Get it from the download section and try ALF for Java for yourself!

    Feel free to send in any comments or suggestions and keep checking back for updated releases.


    ALF, The Automated Logging Framework, is a logging framework for Java written in Standard C++.
    The major advantage of ALF is the automated method tracing which is generated at runtime without need for explicit calls to print/logging methods.
    This means you can debug your code quickly at runtime, anytime.
    Automated method tracing may be turned on or off via an argument to the JVM.
    Support for information, warning, error and exception logging is also included.

    Here's an Example:
    public class ALFTest {
            public static void main( String[] args ) {
                    new ALFTest().execute();
            public void execute() {
                    double result = divide( 22, 7, "PI approximation" );
            private double divide( int numerator, int denominator, String description ) {
                    ALF.logInfo( "Calculating " + description );
                    double result = numerator/denominator;
                    return result;
    Running the JVM with ALF:
    java -Xrunalfj:exclude=*,include=ALFTest ALFTest
    01:51:53 [main] > ALFTest.main( String[] ) : void
    01:51:53 [main] >> ALFTest.< init >() : void
    01:51:53 [main] << ALFTest.< init >() : void
    01:51:53 [main] >> ALFTest.execute() : void
    01:51:53 [main] >>> ALFTest.divide( int,  int,  String ) : double
    01:51:53 [main] --- INFO: Calculating PI approximation
    01:51:53 [main] <<< ALFTest.divide( int,  int,  String ) : double
    01:51:53 [main] << ALFTest.execute() : void
    01:51:53 [main] < ALFTest.main( String[] ) : void
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